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Ever since the resumption of Tambola on Sundays, the Club is again bustling with activity. “Family Day” has been welcomed enthusiastically by all age groups. We now propose to make these events even more exiting and fun-filled.

Tambolas will continue on Sundays but a few of them will be mega events where lucky prize winners can carry gifts from Luncheon Vouchers to free Air-tickets for exotic foreign locations.

While Family Day will continue every alternate Saturday with free rides for children, surprise gifts for the elderly and fun games for all, some of these will have special attractions.

On Saturday 5th February, we will observe Basant, when all of us will come dressed in yellow and fly kites in the spacious club lawns.

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Panchshila Club:
Panch Shila Club is a unit of Panch Shila Cooperative House Building Society Ltd., which was formed in the year 1968 by Late Shri R.P.Barman along with his four friends. They named the Society “ PANCH SHILA” which means five Rocks, signifying the friendship they shared. Unfortunately except for Barman Sahib & Chaudhary Raghuvendra Singh the other died before their dreams was conceptualized.
Presidential Message:
Members Corner:
A member of the Panchshila Cooperative Housing Building Society Ltd., who owns a Plot of land or a flat in the Panch Shila Cooperative Housing Society Colony (Panch Shila Park) shall be admitted as member of the Club subject to its rules and regulations and on becoming member of the Club shall be known as Owner Member.

Should within 12 months of Owner’s demise his/her erstwhile spouse desires to become a member of the Club, he/she may, unless remarried, be admitted under category 6 (a) (v) without interview or admission fee.
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AGM (28 March 2016)
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